Wednesday, May 27, 2015

First OOTD Post!

My OOTD for 05.24.2015;

So let's be realistic? Which girl doesn't ever like to dress up?! I mean, for church girls it's a must! Aha, every weekend I just need to dress up, but I don't always look good! lol & this Sunday that passed I tried something new for once!

I love colour and I love to try new styles! Now I'm no fashionista, but I guess I did a good job choosing my outfit this passed Sunday! BUT it still doesn't make a fashionista nor do I want to be one! I just wear what I like! :)

I tried an all neutral outfit with a touch of blue!
It was actually one of my greatest outfits! But I'm not one to repeat outfits more than twice, maybe 3 times! But I sure think this one might be repeated a little more! I loved it & here are some photos!

This one is my favourite, this was an unexpected photo! I wasn't actually posing! & They say the unexpected photos are the best! :D

Photo Credits: Miss.Kay.R 

Blouse: gifted by my cousin Cindy Alvarez! 

Skirt & Shoes: RW&CO

Purse: Borrowed from Miss. Carol.S 

Which by the way, I invested in these shoes 2 years ago & this was the first time I ever wore them!
(That just proved I don't follow trends or season colours! Aha I just wear what I like (: )I think it's time I start wearing my best outfits as often as I can, I mean why not!?! lol

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

God opens doors!

After almost two months of not blogging, I am, once again; blogging! (:

Let me tell you, these past few months have been crazy busy! Church, School and work have kept me real busy! aha But the good news is that I am officaily finished school this semester! My summer break is offically here! Yay!

However, I am considering taking some courses over the summer, so that's a bummer! But it shouldnt be too bad!

But I am so greatful still! Because although I have been in school,

God has given me the opportunity to travel in the last year and this year as well! If you know me, you know I love to travel! Just like I love to sing! It doesn't matter how short a trip is, if I have the opportunity to go, I will go!

God has been SO GOOD TO ME! & I know I do not deserve anything, but my Lord has shown me his mercy and faithfullness once again, in fact, God shows me it every day! God has opened doors and has allowed me to travel to different countries, cities for church events, in which I have had the opportunity to minister worship a long with great, talented musicians and singers God has allowed me to work with here in Canada! These experiences are once in a lifetime and experiences you can't forget!

For all of these opportunities, I thank God above all! All the glory is to Jesus alone! & without God, I am nothing!

Traveling and singing at different places can be a little challenging and definately out of my comfort zone, but with the help of God I've been able to pull through and carry on! Just this past year God allowed me to minister worship with some of the musians and one singer from my local band and a couple of musicians and singer from the surrounding churches in Canada last summer for the IPUH Convention in New York. God than opened doors once again, and I was able to minister worship with a mixed group from Canada In Texas November 2014 for their Youth Congress and to date, God opened doors and this year, just earlier this month God allowed me to participate at the national & international IPUH convention in Texas with the mixed group from Canada.

It has been such a great honour and privelage for me to take part in these events and I know that its all thanks to God and the glory is never for men, the glory is always to our creator, giver, provider, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, JESUS!

None of this would be possible without God! I am in awe of God.

Some videos were recorded live at all these events mentioned aboce, please take a moment to watch the following videos. I hope you are blessed by them. Please subscribe for more videos.

IPUH National & International Convention 2015

Youth Congress in Texas- Thanks giving weekend-Nov.2014

IPUH Convention- NEW YORK 2014


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Day out!

MONDAY, FEB 23, 2015 I made a small trip to the famous city in Ontario, Toronto with some of my loved ones! Oh what a splendid day it was! 

We got to Visit York Dale Mall for the first time! Such a pretty & high end mall! Definately not within my budget! Lol well some stores I can shop in any day! Aha 

We got to go to Moxies for the first time, food there was delicious and the restaurant was so fancy! 

After that, we headed to downtown Toronto. There is just so much to do there!

We were mainly looking forward to Ripleys Aquarium! I would recommend it to everyone! Such an awesome place, so worth the money! Seeing all those sea creatures and even being able to touch some was just crazy! 

To finish the night we headed over to the CN Tower which is literally beside the Aquarium! How sweet is that?! Very! Lol

It was a well spent day & evening with my amazing love, Ismael & My cousins; Jazmin & Giezi as well as one of my close friends Michelle M!

I got a few pictures at the aquarium to share :) (nothing fancy) 

     Selfie with this guy, my sweetheart!

           selfie with Jaz & Chella! :P

     Beautiful creatures at the aquarium!

     Having some fun with the ladies! :P

        TO finish the night! Just lovely!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I'm back!!

I know I started this blog and I literally only posted 3 times!
But it's a new year and I still have so much I would love to share with you whom stop to see my simple blog!
Let me tell you, the start of this year has been great! I thank God for yet another year and no matter what the circumstances and troubles in my life are, I thank God!
I know the Lord is with me every step of the way! I declare VICTORY on my life, my family, and the church of Christ!
I'm thankful for my blood family, my church family and all those great friends that surround me!
Let me tell you a little about my school experience,
I've been stressing like crazy recently!
 As mid terms have approached my stress level has gone up! LOL
but I know I can do all things through Christ who is my STRENGTH!
I'm loving my program, It's definitely a program of my interest and I mean I have work experience in that field already so it's a bonus for me!
I surely thank God for providing such a job for me and the opportunity to enter college!
I think what I dislike about my program is the blended learning part of it! I prefer being in a class room and hearing a professor as opposed to doing everything online, but sadly most of my work is online and I have had trouble keeping up, but I'm managing!
I sure can't wait for this semester to be over!
I'm looking forward to my school break!
Keep me in your prayers please!

On the bright side, I'm almost half way!
I never even thought I would make it to college! It's been a struggle for me, but I am still hanging on, thank God! I hope I am successful in this program and make it to the finish line as required! With God all Is possible! I believe it. I need to put all my effort as well!