Thursday, September 4, 2014

Trip to New York..

This weekend that passed I made a trip to New Jersey & New York with my parents and a few brothers and sisters from my church. We did a road trip and I can say it was fun! 
Our main purpose of this trip was to attend and support the convention in New York. 
"La que sube del desierto" this convention took place 08.30.14-08.31.14.
(Saturday and Sunday) It was a great blessing! 
For the first time, I had the honor of participating a long with some great musicians and singers (some from my church) and some from the other churches from the same organization in Ontario to sing and minister a service at this convention! 

We got to minister the ladies service. I was Nervous and tense at first, but for the glory of God, he moved in a mighty way! It was a beautiful experience. I can say I hadn't praised and danced the way I did that service! I just gave freedom to the spirit and I rejoiced in The Lord!
I thank God for yet another great opportunity. This had never crossed my mind and I'm amazed at how great God is, because I know I don't deserve any of his blessings but he remains faithful to me! I would have not been able to sing at this convention without the help of my fellow sisters and brothers who I ministered a long with!

A big thank you to: 
Danny Franco(Burlington Church), Alvin Hernandez(London church), Jacob Aguirre(Toronto church), Eliseo Arias, Daniel Sanchez and Carolina Sanchez for all their effort in coming out to minister in New York! I could feel his presence in every service! 

Here is a small clip of us Ministering at convention in New York.

It was also great seeing my family and spending time with them, they did what they could to take us to shop and see some nice touristic places!
It was also great seeing those friends I hadn't seen in a long time and catching up with them and meeting new people! They made this trip extra fun for me! 

I was able to go to Time Square during the day on Friday, Aug.29 and On Saturday night with those awesome friends back in Jersey and NY! Every day at convention, after the night services I would spend some quality time with these awesome friends back in Jersey&Ny! It was a blast! 
& on the last day in my stay in New Jersey we got to enjoy some pollo Campero with some of the Canadians that travelled with me and my family! Of course we brought some of that campero back to Canada! Jaja

It was a memorable and unforgetable trip! 

           First day in New York..

                  A view into NY..



     Group picture Saturday Night <3


With the crew Sunday Night :)




I've got much more pictures to add, but just sharing a few of my favourites here!

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed! 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Meet Our New Family Member..


 Yes, It`s a pet! 
A female Pomeranian breed puppy. 
She is just 12 weeks old and she`s adorable!

It`s our first female dog!
In the past we have only had male dogs, so this is a change for us!

We have had her at home since last Friday, August 15 & let me tell you,
 training her is quite a challenge, lol! 
But she is a very smart puppy & she is slowly doing things right.

We are trying to train her right & dedicate time to her as all pets need time and care. 
I`ve already gone dog shopping & bought her some toys & treats & she loves it all!
Of course, all treats are saved for times she is well behaved & does something good!
Although, for the most part, she is good!

She is too adorable, I refuse to let her go & I hope to be a good dog owner.
& I can`t wait to take her to the dog park! I`m excited for that!
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Who I am

I am.. 
You can call me Rachel, 
or Ray.
Everyone calls me either or.

I am..
A pastors daughter,
 a singer, 
a worship leader, 
a daughter of the king. 

Born and raised in Canada. 
I have been taught a strong foundation. Acts 2:38! 
That foundation is Jesus and I firmly believe in that foundation.

I believe all things happen for a reason and with a purpose. Good or bad and through it all God is in control!

I am..
Simple and love everything that's simple. 

I hope to share a bit of all the simple things about my life to all of you reading & I hope you all enjoy my simple posts!  

Stay tuned to read about;

God, Ministry, Family, Love, My personal style & Daily life activities!

Coming soon!
Blessings to you all!